What is an Everyday Storyteller?

Your life is extra-ordinary.

The things you see, the places you go, the people you meet, they are full of so many stories, adventures, tiny miracles and big moments. Are you capturing it? Are you writing down the days and the stories? The magical moments that make up your life. Are you savouring those images and experiences or letting them disappear?

You’ll forget. We all do.

This is why you need to write your stories down. You will forget your life if you don’t write it down. Memories fade and stories unwritten will be forgotten. This is why you need to become an Everyday Storyteller.

An Everyday Storyteller is someone who:

  • Makes the most of every day, searching for adventure in the ordinary.
  • Knows the value of a moment and wants to treasure it forever.
  • Doesn’t want to forget the incredible life they’ve worked for.
  • Wants to share the best days of their lives through stories.
  • Doesn’t want to lose their memories.
  • Is seeking connection.
  • Sharing stories opens doors.
  • Looks for a story to tell.

Does this sound like you?  

It could be you.

With a little bit of work, a sprinkling of effort and a dash of routine, you could start to capture the moments of your life before they disappear. You could start to build your legacy through words and stories. 

You could start to become an Everyday Storyteller.

Everyday Storytellers Picture

So, you want to tell stories? You want to write about your life? And you want to tell the world about your travel tales? But you don’t know where to start?

I can show you how.

Are you worried your life is too boring to write about? Or are you worried you don’t have the time to write? Are you desperate to learn how to write and craft better stories but you’re embarrassed because you don’t know how, or worse, you think it might be stupid?

You have a story to tell. Your life is remarkable and it’s worth writing about.

I can give you a step by step guide to becoming the Everyday Storyteller you dream to be and help you remember the wonderful details of your life.

I can help.

Read the book.


Take the course.

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