Words to live by

words to live by

I’ve always loved words. Splattered in books or spoken in films.  I’ve had words adorning my bedroom walls on posters.  I used to love the words of songs that were printed and included in CD albums. Do they even do that anymore? I can’t be the only one that spent days reading them out loud.

I used to print out quotes and stories and scripts and stick them on noticeboards and in picture frames, comforted by the sentences strung together by someone who felt the same as I did. Someone else could say the things I couldn’t speak. They said the words for me. And now, the more I study words and storytelling, the more I read, the more I know how incredibly powerful words are. Do you know what I mean friend?

If we define ourselves by cheap words, if we talk about ourselves negatively or even worse when we speak about others with unfriendly words, we are choosing to use our words to shut people down. To make them feel small. Use words to be kind.  Some words have so much energy. You can feel it when you say them out loud. I want to fill my life with words that uplift and support people, words that bring energy to a room. I want to use the power of my words for good.

These are my favourite 4 words.

Words that made me feel good and positive. Like I can take on the world. I needed some positive words this week and I hope these words become some of your favourites too!

Self-efficacy – when you truly believe you have the skills and the means necessary to succeed.

Limitless – there is no limit to what you can achieve, it goes on and on and on.

Synchronicity – “meaningful coincidences’”. The idea that things happen for a reason and the universe is conspiring to make things happen for you.

Authenticity – when you google the definition for this word, you’ll see genuine, based on faces, truthful, true to the original. I love this word because I’d like my life to be defined as authentic. To live authentically. To tell the truth with my life.

Alongside my travel reflection cards, I wanted to create some art prints that reflected some of the ideas, the images and the lessons I’ve learnt from travel.  Some art prints that reflect my love of words. I wanted these words to be pinned to mirrors, hung on doors, framed and put on desks or bookshelves. I wanted to see what my words looked like blown up and made to look pretty. I want these words to support you, inspire you or encourage you.  I’m really happy to say my prints are now live on my Esty shop. I’m working on some new pictures over the next few weeks so I can show them off but for now here are my art prints…

Words to live by

They are all made from recycled A5 heavy card, packaged in a handmade recycled map envelope.

Dimensions: 14.8 x 21 cm

– This product is 325-micron postcard board (equivalent to 300gsm).

– 100% recycled board which has an uncoated, natural unbleached surface.

Have a look at the rest of A5 prints here

Words have so much power.  They can define who we are, they break hearts and minds and they can change the world. What words do you want to surround yourself with? What words do you want stuck to your walls?


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