Why travel is like chasing the wind

I’ve been thinking a lot about travel and how it’s like “chasing the wind”.

We leave our homes in search of adventure. We seek the ultimate freedom – a life on the road.  We look for purpose and seek answers. We expect the world to change with us, we expect everything to be the same.  We loose and find ourselves in travel. It something you can’t quite explain and can’t quite grasp. Like chasing the wind.

We demand travel to give us purpose and meaning. But what if our meaning and our purpose is to just do life together. To love each other, to laugh together – to simply be.

I’ve been thinking a lot about legacy and how it’s like “chasing the wind”.

We have a finite number of days, they are numbered to give us wisdom. What if those days are spent creating a simple legacy of family, of friends of life! What if  purpose is created through respecting the sanctity and simplicity of life. Living a life of love. Starting with what we have, where we are, now.

I’ve been thinking a lot about a life’s work and how it’s like “chasing the wind”.

Instead, what if a life’s work is spending time with the friends and the family you have worked to create. What if a life’s work is to enjoy what you have, where you are now.

What if we choose love, choose happiness and choose joy. Choose light and memories and passion. And if our time is filled with the love of family, the hope of friendship and the joy of life . We will be comforted by the fulfilment of a life well lived. A life experienced out of the box. A life lived not chasing the wind, but dancing with it. Feeling it as it blows  across your face.


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