What No One Tells You About Packing For Long Term Travel

Mentally preparing for a backpacking trip is just as important as packing your bag! Here’s a different take on packing For long term travel

It is so important to be in the right frame of mind when you leave on a long term backpacking trip. Often this is the hardest thing to do and it’s the last thing on your list!

If your like me, you will be working  right up until the last few days before you leave. You will be busy visiting family and seeing friends. Those last minute shopping trips and sorting all you vaccinations will be taking up a lot of your time and thoughts. For some people this is their way of coping, dealing with the inevitable. However, giving yourself time and space to think about and deal with the fact that you are leaving ‘home’ for a long period of time is crucial – it’s vital. In fact, if you don’t it could impact your trip in a negative way!

Packing For Long Term Travel

Below are my “top 3 things to think about before you go away”. Help yourself prepare for your backpacking trip,  I guarantee you’ll enjoy it more!

What No One Tells You About Packing For long Term Travel

1. Culture shock!

Without thinking about and mentally preparing for a huge culture shock, walking off a plane straight into a completely foreign culture could scare you so much you get right back on that plane and go straight home! (Did you hear about my crazy adventure in India?). Have you researched the culture of where you are headed? Have you thought about how his might affect you? Spend 5 minutes writing down your worries, concerns and expectations about living and experiencing another culture. Creating space in your mind to except the new and embrace it, will make cultural differences and challenges easier to accept and enjoy.

2. Loved ones

Being so busy seeing people before you leave is great but it often leaves out the most important discussions. Missing loved one will happen. Have you thought about how you will deal with this? Have you planned weekly calls? Emails? With wifi everywhere now it is easy to stay in touch but there is a difference between staying in touch and communicating on a regular basis with family, friends and loved ones. Make time whilst you are away to share experiences and listen to what’s happening at home. People will want to listen to your travels stories more when you get back if you have made  time to talk whilst your away. Plan this now, have people to keep you accountable. On the other hand if you are using this time to have some space from things let everyone know! Tell them you are switching off for a while so they don’t need to call the police!

3. Goals and focus

What are you reasons for this trip? Take time to remember why you are going on this trip in the first place. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to experience? If you have these clear in you head you can manage your own expectations and I guarantee  you won’t be disappointed!

What about you? Do you have any tips to get yourself in the right frame of mind? Have you experienced any other above? Let’s talk. Get in touch!



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