What memories do you treasure?

Treasured memories

Tell me about your life.

What memories do you treasure?

What travel story would be your ‘go-to’ party piece? What story would define you? Would make you cry? Or shriek with laughter?

What stories are you saving?

A lot of my treasured memories involve the kindness of strangers. People who become friends because someone was brave enough to speak first. Like that time, I hitchhiked with my dog. Or the time someone said, “fancy a drink?” and my life was changed forever. Or how in the midst of an Australian heatwave a random woman pulled over, rested her can of beer in the drinks holder and drove us out of the heat, into the shade, saving our sanity and most probably our lives.

What about you? What are your most treasured memories?

A lot of my treasured memories involve the people I love and far-flung places. More often than not these memories are sprinkled with the heavy humid air that only comes from being away from home. Carried by the sea, the air covers everything in a light ocean spray. Often whilst we’re sitting outside. The ocean mist dampening everything as we watch the sun drop from the sky. The only thing growing louder than the darkness it brings is the laughter that ripples across the spaces between friends. Happy. Together. Making memories.

A lot of my treasured memories are stories that are fading. Ones that I didn’t want to write down for fear of diluting them if I dared to put pen to paper. But I know now these treasured memories will disappear if I don’t write them down. These treasured memories will grow weak and distorted. A whiff of a moment lost to that sea mist. Carried away as quickly as it came.

Treasured Memories

Your life is remarkable

It’s more detailed and beautiful than any picture, any film. It’s more precious than anyone could possibly describe. Yet we let some of our most treasured, unique and special moments drip through our hands. We like to think the glow and the clarity of the moment will stay with us, long after the buzz has gone. But it doesn’t, unless we write it down.

3 Reasons why you must write your travel stories down now

  1. Only you, can tell your stories.

No one else in the world sees it like you do. That fact alone means your view counts. It’s worthy of documentation. Your stories matter enough for them to be written down and captured. Savoured for years to come.

2. Your memories and stories are precious.

Like a present or a gift, your stories are a once in a lifetime event. They are precious and special and should be looked after and treasured. Wrapped up in a blank page or tapped under a glowing screen, to be kept forever. Like treasure.

3. People want to hear your stories!

You might be surprised to know that people care about your stories, your friends will be interested and curious and encouraging, when you start to share your travel stories with them.

Treasured memories

A lot of my treasured travel stories are the ones that haven’t even been written yet.

You see, when we start to look back to find and write about the travel stories in our lives, we can see patterns. Decisions we made that allowed a story to be born. Space created for an adventure to happen. A blank page opened, unwritten and empty, ready to be filled.  And when we start looking at these patterns, we can learn how to replicate them. We learn to live a life worth writing about by creating more opportunities, more space and more stories. Starting with a blank page.

We start to understand how we can make our life interesting, how we can tell good stories, we start to learn how to write adventure into our everyday. All through telling stories now. Exciting, right?

Start writing your travel stories down

So you can remember them and capture them. Start writing them down so you can repeat them and make them bigger. Start writing so your life becomes even more remarkable.

If you look for stories, you’ll find them. Hidden behind the photos shoved to the bottom of your backpack or stored right in the fusty dusty corners of your heart. In the places long ago buried. Dig them out and write about them.

Do you want some help writing your stories? Are you worried about where to start?

I can help.

What if there was a place, a group of people that wanted to hear your travel stories. A community of like-minded travellers that took the road less travelled too and want to hear how you found it? A group of people who want to learn how to tell their stories too.

People who want to become everyday storytellers. Capturing memories and writing stories.

There is a place for us. I’m building it.

Travel is incredible. Travel changes us. Travel isn’t just about the three weeks you’re away. It’s the stories that stay with you. It’s the stories that become memories engrained on your heart and buried deep in your soul.

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