Why travel lets us live every single second.

When the days get longer, it sort of creeps up on you. I hope my life isn’t like that, I don’t want it just ‘creep up’ on me. It needs to be noted, to be recognised. Like every day in summer when it stays lighter that little but longer, I want to notice. Make the most of those extra few minutes of light.

I want to notice my life.

Not suddenly look out the window and see its dark. But actively participate in the realisation that the sun is going down. I want to make the most of the extra few minutes.

I want to take notice of the time, and track the changes from day to day. Because one day, it will start to go into reverse. One day sooner than you think, the clocks will change and the days will start getting shorter, then before you know it, it will be winter.

If I can actively, purposefully take note in the lighter months, when it gets cold and dark perhaps I will be better prepared. Or be more aware of how I use my time.

What I love about travel is that time is irrelevant.

Your clock is the light and the dark, the day and the night, the sunset and the sunrise. While we were travelling we had a fantastic ‘travel phrase’, if one of us asked what time was, then the other would say, “we don’t live by time but for those who do it’s… o’clock.” Imagine if we could livevery dayay like that. What would life be like?

What I love about travel is that time is pertinent.

Time is precious. I respect time, appreciate it. As much as I would like to live within a clock-less world, we need to accept that without noticing and using time, it will disappear. We will waste our time if we do not accept that It is running out – it is not infinite. Can we find a happy medium, a continuum whereby time is noted but not a dictator?

What about you? Do you live life by the clock? Or do you only use it to note the time of sunset? Is time irrelevant or pertinent? 



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