The Perfect Day

Have you ever spent time imagining what your perfect day would look like? My brother wrote a really cool blog post about his ‘perfect day’. It asks you to think about your perfect day, how would it start, who would it be spent with – would it look like. He wrote it about 3 years ago and I’m still figuring mine out.

Its such a simple question but every-time I try and articulate what my perfect day would look like, I start to get blurry eyes. The corners of my eyes fill with water and I just get this rush of emotion that makes me want to cry. Why is it so hard to describe what I want? Why is it so difficult to put into words exactly what my perfect day would look like?

Sometimes I think its because I’ve been so incredibly lucky and I look back and think of some of the amazing things I’ve done and I feel like my perfect day is behind me.  The day we watched the sunset over Ayres rock and drank champagne. The day I woke up and married my best friend. The day I graduated in front, my family. All the days I woke up in Thailand with a balcony a sea view, a pile of books to read and unrelenting sunshine. How lucky am I? How great a life I’ve already lived. How many perfect days to we get?

But other times I think I’m so happy now, if you asked me what I wanted to do, I’d say I’m doing it.  Waking up on a Friday with my best friend a whole long weekend ahead of us, breakfast together with unlimited coffee no plans but endless possibility. Amazing friends and incredible family.

Mainly, I think it’s really hard to describe my perfect day because it challenges me to live my perfect day more often. It pangs my stomach with guilt when I do things I don’t want to do, or I do things that don’t serve me and cost my time and my stress and my unhappiness. If I try and live my perfect day, I have to challenge these things and its really really hard.  But that’s why a perfect day is perfect  – you probably had to work to get there. 

What about you? Do you know what your perfect day would look like? Do you live it?  Or does it make it perfect because we don’t do it often?

I’m still working on what my perfect day would look like. But for now, I’m writing stories about the days that felt perfect, because there have been so many of those and if I keep looking back, I think I’ll see the patterns and the themes that make them perfect, but also, I’ll realise just have many I’ve had.

Please let me know about your perfect day, what does it look like?



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