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Have you ever wanted to write about your travels? Have you worried about where to start or how to start? Are you scared your stories and memories will be lost if you don’t start to document them?

The Everyday Storytellers Books can help!

Book 1Everyday Storytellers: Turning your memories into stories. A Step by step beginners guide to writing about your travels, adventure and life. Turning your memories into stories.


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Book 2 – Everyday Storytellers: Writing Fiction. Delve into writing fiction. I’ll show you how to create characters, develop a plot and a narrative arc. And we’ll explore how to develop your creativity. Everyone has a book in them, will this be the year you write yours?

Book 3 – Everyday Storytellers: Writing Creative Non-Fiction.  We will look at how to shape real-life stories into a narrative, that flows and engages readers. For memoir writers, bloggers or people who want to take their travel stories to the next level, this book is for you.