Sunset or sunrise? Or why sitting in the dark can be worthwhile.

Sunsets are my favourite. I finally decided this whilst looking out of my kitchen window. I couldn’t even see the full sunset, but I saw a few clouds lined with gold and that’s when I knew for sure.

Sunsets. It almost like they take their time.

The clouds start to cover the sun like a blanket, but the suns rays are so bright they still shine. The blue of the days sky is at the top, followed by the spectrum of pinks, oranges and shimmering yellow closer to the earth. Closer to light that is slowly falling off our world.

The sun’s rays soak up the clouds. The oncoming darkness just makes the sun look even brighter. In its last moments the brightness is still prominent. Even though the darkness will win, for now, the sun fights it. It silhouettes the blanket. Illuminating the sky beneath in sheaths of gold. The sun battles for every last bit of sky. Its demise is inevitable, but in its defeat it basks in beauty. The darkness will come. But the sun will shine over everything, right until the very last second.

After the sun sets, the show still goes on. The colours are still vibrant and even though the sun has faded, its legacy, its heat – it can still be felt. It’s like the suns reflection and glow has brightened the land throughout the day, and as the sun goes down, its still left some of its warm embers on the earth.

The backdrop to my soul

Sunsets allow reflection, and I feel engaged within them. Captivated. They feel never ending. I get lost within them. And then, before you know it, your sitting in the dark. I think life is like that sometimes. Before you know it your sitting in the dark.

There is one sunset I will never forget, it is seared into my eyes and my heart. It is the backdrop to my soul. The sunset from Alexandra Headlands beach. The sunset from sitting on ‘our wall’. The sunset that makes sitting in the dark worthwhile.

Sometimes In life when we are sitting in the dark, its because we have just seen the most amazing, beautiful, ‘life reflecting’ sight, and being in the dark makes us realise just how bright the light is. How powerful it is, and how without the dark, we would have not been able to see the light. The sunset that makes sitting in the dark worthwhile.

We will always have different chapters In our lives. Sometimes to really appreciate the good, we have to experience the hard, the difficult. Sometimes we have to sit in the dark.

Which do you prefer, Sunset or sunrise? What is the backdrop to your soul? 



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