Ellie is living the dream. Travelling solo around India after leaving her job in the city, her stories and pictures are incredible. Whilst most people would only show the highs, Ellie is as real as they come and she authentically shows us the lows and the truths behind every picture and story.  This is the sort of travel blogger that I love, someone I can relate to. Ellie produces so much content it’s unreal. I couldn’t believe it when Ellie (a.ka. the Wandering Quinn) said she would answer my questions, I knew the stories would be epic.  Check out Ellie’s journey on her blog and Instagram

My favourite travel question… Please share with us your favourite/ best/scariest or funniest travel story…

I’d say one of my funniest travel moments was in Vang Vieng in Laos. I had met some English girls a few days before in Northern Thailand (who I’m still really good friends with 4 years later) and we went to Laos together. Obviously, tubing was a must. We did have a fair few drinks which made the day even funnier but even so, it was just such a fun day. I remember laughing so much and I still laugh when I see the photos!

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever had (travel related or otherwise)?

Don’t worry about what is going on at home. If you miss home just remember it’s the same as it was when you left, nothing has changed and it’s not worth cutting a trip short to go home, live your life and live your dream out in the world. Thankfully I have very supportive parents and although they have not travelled they are very supportive of me staying away.

If you could only go back to one place in the world, where would you go and why?

A hard question but probably Melbourne. I loved living in Melbourne so much and I have such great memories from there. I also have a lot of friends still there so I hope to make it back there soon.

What has travel taught you?

Travel has taught me so much. It’s taught me the value of money, the value of friendship. To trust my intuition. How big and different the world is but at the same time how small it is and how similar people are at their root. It’s taught me that I don’t need to have a ‘normal’ life, I can live and do whatever I want.

What is that one moment from a trip you will never ever forget?

There are so so many things I’ll remember for a long time. Most of them are moments from being in South East Asia and Australia with some of my best friends laughing and having fun. I feel like when you travel with friends it’s like having a girly sleepover for weeks and weeks on end and I always make the best memories that way.

And finally… What’s your favourite line from the Stories from a Backpack manifesto and why?

Have faith in yourself. Everyday, it’s a choice. Be kind. Be loyal. Choose Happy. Choose Gratitude’.

I love this one because we need to trust ourselves more and have faith that it will work out. I also think gratitude is so important, it’s everything. So is having positive and happy vibes. I’ll admit it’s hard to be kind all the time when you’re travelling, people and situations test us a lot but recently I’ve been trying to be more kind and have a smile on my face more and I can feel the positive energy that comes from that.

Thank you, Ellie! Safe travels, may your days be filled with more adventures and stories xxx


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