Stories from Buxton Festival

Stories from Buxton Festival


A few weekends ago, I took myself on a date and I attended the Buxton International Festival for the first time. From Opera to literary talks, music and storytelling. Not only did I get to spend a day surrounded by incredible women (the shows I attended were all hosted by powerhouse females), but I also got to spend a day with people who were living out their passion and sharing their joy and talent with the world.

There is nothing more motivating than being surrounded by skilled, inspiring people who are living breathing examples that dreams can come true. People who worked hard to find their place,  people who worked hard to find the alignment between work and values and people who persisted and didn’t give up.  This festival is a celebration of this, some of the worlds finest performers, creators and long-forgotten masterpieces all coming together in the beautiful surroundings of Buxton, in the heart of the Peak District.

Stories from Buxton Festival


The lights dim, the crowd hushes and the magic begins…

It was the way her boots sparkled.

It was the way she owned the stage. 

It was the way her face lit up when she talked about the things she loved.

It was the way she thanked the audience, wholeheartedly and unreservedly. 

It was the way her eyes smiled when she relived the story she shared.

It was the way she gave all the credit to her team and revelled in their success.

Stories from Buxton Festival


I’ve lived in Buxton for over 7 years and I’ve never been to this incredible festival. I’ve never ventured into this summer celebration.  I’ve travelled the world to explore new horizons but there are so many wonderful things quite literally on my doorstep that I’ve not dared to see. Why do we let the everyday slip past? Why do we take for granted the decadence and adventure that can be found right in front of us? Always searching for the next best thing, when more often than not, it’s within touching distance, right where it’s always been.

Attending this festival was a break in my usual routine, a pause. I walk past the Opera House every day, what if I stopped and made an effort to appreciate it’s beauty.

If you can learn to look at your usual routine, the place where you live, the people you know, if you can learn to look at them differently, find new excitement in their routine, mundane reliability, then you can start to see yourself different, you can start to see the possibility of change. Finding the new from within the old and the unexplored, the left behind.

What stories could you write? What adventures are waiting for you, if only you were to explore the every day?  To open your eyes to your usual world and see if in a different light?

Surround yourself with different people, talented, passionate people. Throw yourself into new situations and experiences. Walkthrough familiar locations with new ideas. With an open mind and an open heart, who know who you might meet or what you might discover.

Stories from Buxton Festival

** My tickets to the festival were gifted.


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