Stories from a book club #3

Stories from a book club week three

The Stories from a Backpack Monthly Online Book Club

January? Completed it mate. It seemed to be the slowest month to zoom by. I struggled to find books that I really engaged with this month, which always upsets me. There are so many books in the world, we really shouldn’t read ones we don’t like. I started loads and just couldn’t finish them.

As usual, I’ve got a wonderfully random mix of books for you this month.

Here’s the January round-up:

Total books read: 5
Fiction: 1
Non-fiction: 4
Total pages: 1,444

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Stories from a book club month three

Book #1 – Step by Step – Simon Reeve

Non- Fiction: Ahh Simon. I sort of got bored with your TV programmes, they merged into one and if I’m honest, I’m just jealous. I want your job mate. But then I read your book. This is why I love non-fiction. When you read someone else’s story and they are honest, you cannot help but be humbled by their journey. Simon was no exception and his raw honesty and openness was heartbreaking at points. And other times, I was just insanely jealous of his travels.

Read this book if: You love a good travel story or adventure.

Quotes I think you’ll love:

‘Each of us has to choose life and decide to get involved and active.’

‘A run of apparently insignificant events can turn a life upside down.’

Book #2 – Lonely Hearts Travel: Destination Thailand – Katy Colins

Fiction: A lovely easy to read book about a girl who escapes life and travels to Thailand. Super cringe-worthy in parts, but I need books like this for research at the moment, so I’m eating them up.

Read this book if: You want a Sunday afternoon read that will transport you to the beaches of Koh Phangan…

Quotes I think you’ll love: Not that sort of book babe.

Book #3 – Departures – Anna Hart

Non- Fiction: Another travel style memoir. I’m fascinated by other people’s journey how they got into writing and journalism. Anna shared lots of examples and frustratingly random (good for her) bits of luck that led her to a full-time freelance travel writing career (this girl can dream). This book is jam-packed with stories and advice for any wannabe traveller. Gosh, she’s had some close calls and knows how to tell a good tale.

Read this book if: You fancy a quick read that will take you around the world.

Quotes I think you’ll love:

‘To travel is to invite chaos into your life.’

Book #4 – ""“>On Sheep: Diary of a Swedish Shepherd – Axel Linden.

Non- Fiction: Well. I told you this would be random. I bagged this at the library because it was on the new stock shelf. I can’t walk past that shelf without bringing a book home. It’s my guilty pleasures. I just pick em’ cause they are new. They’ve yet to be sneezed on, read in the toilet or left on a bus. Eww, I’ve just grossed myself out about library books. Anyway. This book was random. A monk-like shepherd I think the quote on the front said?

Read this book if: You fancy a quick read that’s random. Or if you’re a farmer. Or if you like sheep.

Quotes I think you’ll love:

‘Take your time, learn from experience, do the same thing consistently and do it over and over again.’

Book #4 – A Short History of Falling – Joe Hammond

Non- Fiction: Again, I didn’t plan to read this book. It caught me in the new stock shelf at the library. I really struggled to plough throw it even though it’s only short. Joe talks about the things he observes whilst dying. As you can imagine it’s heavy. But more than that, it’s the confusion and the randomness and the total sadness that his life is boiled down to these few memories and interactions. Sadly I should have left this one on the self.

Read this book if: You need a reminder to live a colourful life.

Quotes I think you’ll love:

‘I listened to the loss and knew exactly where and who I was.’

‘On reflection, a genuine smile, when a person’s really tired, can be something quite beautiful.’

Reminder: how the book club works

I read and review some books each month, trawling through the millions of billions of books in the world, to find some I think you’ll enjoy. You pick one you like from the list and read it. We then get to chat on Instagram about all the things you loved and thought about when you read the book. No time pressures. No completed questions. Just two friends reading the same book and chatting through how it made us feel. Sound good?



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