Writing to remember – Reflection Postcards

Writing to remember - Reflection Postcards

Do you remember your life?

We don’t remember half of our lives, in fact, we don’t remember half of half of our lives. That terrifies me.

I always thought I’d remember exactly what it was like to jump out of a plane at 14,000 ft. Or what the name of the cocktail was that I ordered when I went to that 7* hotel in Dubai.  Or how it felt to stay in a hostel for the first time. Or the exact emotion I had when I first caught sight of the Effiel tower…

But the truth is our minds are so full, they often forget the details. They play tricks, they twist and turn and fill up with everyday shopping lists and Netflix boxsets and before we know it our most precious memories are floating and thining and disappearing – right in front of us.

The highlights are great, those are seared into the back our hearts, but it’s the surprise moments that steal our breath, the rare things we see that catch us of guard.  The feelings that change us, that make us. We need to capture them and save them before they disappear.  Do you know what I mean friend?

Like how on New years eve 2013, we spent our evening watching fireworks with 5 strangers. I can’t even tell you their names now, we didn’t swap facebook invites, we just celebrated a moment in time, an evening that would never be recreated. I’ve got a picture and I kept the champagne cork (flashpacker habit). But I wish I written down the details. Did the scent of jasmine float through the air? Did we try and get into a club afterwards, I’m sure we did? Did we eat together? Or did we sing auld lang syne? Does it matter? It was a small moment in my life, but in twenty years time, it might have been nice to reflect on the details. To relive a special New Year’s Eve, one that will never happen again.

What is the moment you want to keep? To capture, to treasure, to save forever. What feeling don’t you ever want to forget? What view? Who were you with. Tell me friend, how did you feel?

There is no shortcut. You can choose to remember your life or you can choose to forget. When you relive the story of your life, choose to remember the details. I told you about my biggest life regret and how I’m learning that the good will pass too. So I thought I would do something about it. Create something that helps us to save our stories.

We have good intentions. We don’t plan on forgetting.  But unless we take a moment to write our stories down, WE WILL FORGET.

Writing to remember - Reflection Postcards

Remember your life with my brand new travel reflection postcards!

  • These reflection postcards will change the stories of your travel, forever.  Send yourself a souvenir that means something.  Become a storyteller.


  • These reflection postcards will allow you to capture moments, to save precious seconds in time.  To freeze the story of your life for a brief second by writing down what you saw, how you felt and the story you want to remember. You worked hard to pay for that trip, savour it.  Use these postcards to lock it in your memory vault.


  • These reflection postcards will help you become more intentional with your travels and in turn your life.  You can use these to challenge yourself to look for the small things that make life big. The sunday afternoon walks or the tuesday nights with friends. Write it down, capture the moment.


  • These reflection postcards will allow you to share the views, the moments, the people, the sounds, the smells, allowing you to save them, savour them. Share them with your friends your family. What better gift could you give yourself than the ability to remember a moment?


  • You’ll forget, we always do. Something else will be more important. Someone else will pull you into another world and those previous small things, the tiny details will fade. But slipping these reflection postcards into your travel bag will stop you from forgetting.

Can you remember that beautiful conversation you had with a stranger? Can you still hear the song that was playing on the radio? What was that joke that your friend said, you know the one you heard at the pub, it was hilarious, it’s on the tip of your tongue? But it’s gone. The moment was fleeting. It was beautiful and it’s gone. Write it down in that very moment, that second. Capture that brief initial view that stole your heart, don’t hide it or jazz it up, don’t let its power fizzle in the time it takes you to get home. These small stories these moments, they are worth saving.

Remember your life.

Remember the details.

Write it down.

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Writing to remember - Reflection Postcards


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