Reasons to go Backpacking: it leaves you penniless and afraid

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You know that feeling: You’ve been home a week, seen all your friends and family. Been to the parties and caught up on the news. Then the travel blues start to kick in. You know, that feeling. The feeling that something has come to an end. Something new has to start. That feeling when you realise that your round the world trip had more impact that you could ever have imagine and now it’s left you penniless and afraid.


You have spent every single penny you own and then some. Borrowed from family, friends or even the credit card! You worked 100’s of hours before you left, worked extra jobs to fund the trip. Even worked whilst you were travelling – doing crazy jobs only backpackers will do. Yet you would do it all again. Give up every single penny in exchange for all the experiences you’ve had. Although you may come back from a trip penniless you will be full of life, of stories and experiences.

There is a reason why backpackers come back penniless. You realise the importance of experience and you learn to live of nothing. You learn being penniless doesn’t matter. That money isn’t everything. As soon as you know it, you’ll be saving for your next trip.


When travelling you experience the ultimate freedom. You discover the world and see things a new. Returning from travel leaves you afraid, terrified even, because you are so scared that you will never feel that way again. Afraid you might lose your new view of the world. Afraid you might lose your freedom. Or afraid that you won’t ‘fit in’. But travel leaving you afraid is one of the best reasons to travel. It turns your world upside down. That afraid feeling is good, because it makes you fight for things. Fight for your new freedom. It pushes you to create new habits. To keep you searching for whatever it was you went looking for in the first place. Travel leaves you afraid and it’s invaluable.

What do you think? Have you been on a RTW trip? Did it leave you penniless and afraid?



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