One Year Married

After reading the amazing Sophie Cliff’s ‘One Year’ married post, I just knew I had to write my own.

However, this isn’t “the wedding post”. I want to write a huge post detailing all my favourite parts, the details, the memories. All of it. I’m not ready to write that post yet.

This post is all about how quickly a year can fly by, how much everything can change and how everything just stays the same.
On the 14th of October 2017, I woke up in the most beautiful of villages and married my best friend. I’ll never ever forget that day, for so many reasons,  but mostly because I felt so loved. I felt so happy and it really was everything I ever wanted it to be.

Things I’ve learnt about marriage in my 1st year of being a wife…

1. Nothing is different. I hate it when people say this. Loads of my friends have said it and it makes me so mad. Of course, everything is different, apart from when it’s not. Sometimes, in a good way, it feels the same as before. Best friends doing what we’ve always done, together.

2. Everything is different. When you wake up the day after your wedding, everything is different. Your name has changed. You made serious promises in front of all the people you love and you have to keep them. You are no one, but two. I think it’s the knowledge that you’ve got your person and that’s the beginning and the end of everything.
3. It’s a lot harder to say you’re sorry. You can say what you want to each other because you’re stuck together. You can’t walk out, you can’t stay at your mates. This is it and you know how much an apology means and when it’s needed, but it’s so much harder to do. If you don’t give it, you’ll get a way with it- in the short term. But long term you’ll just cause hurt. Sorry seems to be the hardest word until you learn to say it.
4. Life is what happens on a Tuesday night after work. And marriage is too. You can choose to sit in front of the tv in silence. You can choose to argue about what to eat for tea. Or you can choose to go to the pub with friends, to go for a sunset walk or to the cinema. You can choose to make each and everyday count and if you don’t do this in your marriage, slowly but surely, it will become lifeless and broken. Marriage isn’t what exciting trip you plan for your anniversary, it isn’t your wedding photos. It’s the Tuesday evening slump, and it’s up to you to put the work in.
5. You marry a whole new family. And it’s incredible. You have just doubled the love in your life.
6. Forever will never be enough. When you marry your best friend, the thought of spending forever together just doesn’t seem like enough time . There is so much to see, so much to do together.

And we’ll see what the next year brings  …. xxxx

PS. All these amazing pictures were taken by our lovely photographer Mel, from Olivia Photography. Book her for tour wedding!!


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