Once Upon a Time – Letter #3

Thursday Stories - Once Upon a Time

Dear Friend,

You light up the room with your joy and your unlimited kindness. You make a difference. Every day the small steps you take to move towards the life you’ve always wanted, those small steps are like the first steps on the moon. Small, hesitant but life-changing, the significance is immeasurable and infinite. Keep moving forward.

My Friend, this letter is just for you…

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Friend, Once Upon a time, I used to believe that small actions didn’t make a difference…

Now I know small actions make all the difference. Now I know that starting small is the best way to change. Starting small is the best way to go big.

Friend, have you heard about the 1% rule?

I didn’t think that writing for 5 minutes a day would make much difference. I used to write for an hour and a half every morning. But then life happened. So now it’s 5 minutes a day. But 5 minutes a day means 1 blog post a week. 1 blog post a week means 4 a month. This means 52 blog posts a year. With an average of 800 words per blogs that 41,600 words a year (or half a novel).

You can’t succeed in something overnight. You can’t change your life in one day. But if you can improve by 1% each day, if you can commit to working on something then 1 day adds up. It compounds. It grows. It becomes life-changing. Take the pressure off yourself don’t read 1 book a week, read a page a night. Read 2 pages a night. 1% improvement. 1 % action.

So, how do we change the end of the story?

We show up.

Compounding actions have an impact. Daily habits. Repetitive forward motion – that’s how we change the ending. We show up daily. We commit only to the 1%. You can do that.

Show up. Be consistent. Small actions change the world.


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