If you want your dreams to come true, all you need to do is buy a map.

I remember the first time I realised my dream had come true.

I sat on the corner of my bed, I slowly looked around my old, new bedroom. I breathed in the sight of the familiar – yet the unknown. I heard the calls of the future, but strained for the comfortable sounds of the past. I was home. I had travelled the world. I had travelled the world and, realised it was a much bigger and a more wonderful place than I could ever have imagined.

For a long time I knew that I wanted to travel around the world. To taste sweet masala chai in India, to see the Taj Mahal, to visit Australia and explore its vast greatness in a campervan. To see the beauty of New Zealand. To explore the great Koh San Road! To survive a full moon party and drink coffee in every continent. I remember the first time I realised my dream had come true.

When I was 16 I brought a map. I placed It on my wall and put a little marker on all the places I wanted to visit. I looked at that map every night before I went to sleep, I dreamed of that map. When I was sad I would look up at my dream and it would get me through.

The night I got home from my first backpacking trip I wrote the final entry into my travel journal: “That first night coming home, it felt so familiar yet different. It’s like coming home to a new house. Just sitting on my bed, exhausted yet fulfilled”.

I wonder how many people have their dreams come true. How lucky I am. How blessed a life I have lived. I worked hard, I had a dream. It was my dream and it came true. I will always have the memories and the experiences. I will in a way I will still always have this dream, but in a past tense.

So, what happens when your dreams come true?

Nobody talks about this. What happens when everything you ever wanted comes true? What happens when you tick the very last thing off your list? I suppose you feel happy, content and successful. But the world is a scary place when you don’t have a dream. I feel like so many of my dreams have come true and now what? To come up with new dreams? New passions?

Surely you should not feel empty or lost when your dreams come true. You should celebrate the blood, the sweat and the tears. Victory should be celebrated. Dreams coming true is like winning the lottery, holding that golden ticket – it should never be taken for granted.

I’ve never not had a dream. I’ve always had an ambition a goal a target a vision, a path to follow – a map on the wall.

What is it about dreams that inspire us? Is it the escape from our reality or the hope for a better future? Or just the idea that something could be different.

Actions speak louder than words, but words are a start.

If we all talked about our deepest darkest dreams, perhaps more people’s dreams would come true. If we start saying things out loud maybe it would make them more accessible. If we make friends hold us accountable to pursuing a dream, maybe more people’s dreams would come true.

I remember the very first time I realised my dream had come true.

This is why I am terrified and enthralled about the idea of identifying a new dream, because I know I have the power and the potential to make it happen.

All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.” – TE Lawrence.

Tell someone about your dream, share it with me. Be a dreamer of the day, be a dangerous man.

Buy a map. Dream big.

N.B. This is not a picture of ‘the map’, just another creation along the way.



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