How to Survive a Full Moon Party Thailand

How to survive a full moon party

How to survive a full moon party 

So you’re going to a full moon party? I’ve pulled together a few tips for not only surviving but also having the best full moon experience you can.

Attending a full moon party in Thailand is a rite of passage whilst on a backpacking trip. It maybe stereotypical or cliched, a bit tacky and unrefined, but it is a bucket list event!

Unlike any other party on the earth, the full moon party is an experience that will stay with you. It is the destination of a backpacker pilgrimage. It is the epitome of backpacking culture.  It is everything that is wrong with a backpacking culture!  It is everything that is right with a backpacking culture!  It is an unmissable experience and whatever happens, it will make a great story when you get home!

Now, I love Thailand but I must admit the Full Moon party wasn’t my highlight. I don’t know if it was the hype or the build up, but I’ve has better nights out in Thailand. I’ve put together a few tips for having the best full moon experience you can have. Try not to expect too much and you will have a great night!

Tips for survival

  • First of all, a full moon party MUST involve UV paint…

Thailand 2009 252

  • Try not to start too early. Most people don’t think of leaving the hostel until 12, you’ve got to pace yourself.  Or, you will end up in here…

Thailand 2009 128

  • I think it’s best to stay in a hostel/ guesthouse away from Had Rin Beach.  You can get away from all the craziness and experience ‘the real’ Koh Phangan We stayed at Golden Hill Resort . It was amazing, (remember things do change so check out Tripadvisor).

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  • Pre-arrange pick up with your hostel (if possible). We ended up going back with a crazy songthaew driver, including stoping to change cars half way home!  There are people who may take advantage of intoxicated backpackers looking for a lift home after the sun has risen and you’ve had enough!

Thailand 2009 088

  • You won’t get through the night without a few buckets! Make sure you choose your drinks stall carefully. Sellers often have branded spirits on display but actually sell open branded bottles refilled with cheap spirits. Be careful what you drink and where you buy it from.

Thailand 2009 187


  • Of course, It wouldn’t be a full moon party without getting a picture of an animal on your head…

Thailand 2009 109

  • Don’t take any valuables with you! If you can help it, don’t even take a bag. There are known gangs and pickpockets everywhere. Keep some emergency money hidden in your bikini or shorts, just incase.
  •  Be careful if you go in the sea and try and stay away from the fires! It might seem like a good idea but you wouldn’t believe what goes on, on the shores of Had Rin beach!


Have you got any full moon stories? I would love to them! Happy (safe) travels :)


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