Can you remember the last time you went on holiday?

Travel Reflections

Have you ever got back from a holiday and had somebody ask you what you did, and you’ve found you can barely remember how the days turned from one to the next? Let alone what you did?

It all just feels like a blur, the mornings roll into the evenings. Time slows and speeds us as you turn the pages of your book or sip another drink or walk another mile. The passage of time seems to change as soon as you move into holiday time.

You try to remember, did we go out for dinner the second night or was it for lunch on the third day? We went to that bar twice didn’t we? or was it three times? What day did we go for an explore? Which day of the week did we do the overnight bus?

Holidays can the most relaxing moments of our life, whether thats relaxing because you didn’t move your body, or relaxing because you challenged yourself and you came out on top.

But when we return from holidays and longer trips mundane routine sneaks up on us. And before we know it, whether we’ve been back for a few hours, days or weeks, we start to think about the washing that needs to be done. Or how the emails in your inbox have now exploded and multiplied. Or we think about how nothing has really changed, home still looks the same, yet we went on this incredible trip and no one else really understands.

Here’s the secret, the thing you need to know that will allow you to remember your holidays and take notice of your life: you need to write it all down.

There is so much beauty in our everyday life. There is so much Joy in our holiday moments. Simple things become the most delicious and looked forward to part of our day, they become the moments we long for in the dark days of winter, when we are knee-deep into our usual routine.

The moments and memories of trips past and present are so precious and we need to capture them so we don’t forget the beautiful things they taught us.  So we don’t take for granted the gift we were given in time away.

The holiday blues are real. They are painful and they make that first Monday morning back to work a real slog, but I’ve got a solution for that. I can help.

Holiday Reflections

If you’ve been away for a weekend, a summer break or a year-long trip I’ve made a guide that can help you be more mindful, grateful and positive. Download load the guide now, by signing up to my newsletter, it will help you:

  • Be more grateful for your experience.
  • Become mindful and more present, by living in the moment.
  • By giving yourself space and time to reflect on your time away, capturing some precious memories that might otherwise be lost.
  •  Take time out to invest in yourself.
  • Create Balance. We are so quick to moan that the holiday is over and we are back to normality but why not capture some of those feelings the positive energy from the holiday.

If we reflect on our experiences we learn.

Why not plan to complete this reflection as part of your holiday? Or the first day back at work, take yourself out of the office for your lunch break, buy a huge cup of coffee and tuck yourself away somewhere quite and reflect. The beauty of this guide is if you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, you can squeeze it in, or if you can give yourself the gift of an hour or even an afternoon, you can take yourself back to some beautiful places and cement the memories of moments in your life forever. Or take a moment on the plane back home. Wherever, whenever you can get a moment, take it.

Reflection helps us become the person we want to be. We can look back on the moments that made us feel alive, or joyful or we can look back on things we’ve said and done and regretted or spoke with haste. Reflection, if we are kind to ourselves, is such a powerful tool.

Take time to remember your life. You’ll regret it if you don’t.  Carve out moments in your busy life to savour the details. This too shall pass, so make sure you notice it. The unstoppable, delicious and terrifying passage of time.


P.S Guys, I don’t even mind if you immediately unsubscribe from my newsletter after downloading the guide, I won’t be offended, I just care about you remembering your life, reflecting on all the wonderful stories you’ve got stored up somewhere inside.




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