The best stories come out of a backpack

I’m Laura. This is my blog about life & travel. About stories & memories. I love champagne, sunsets & black coffee. Oh & the smell of suncream. I believe in taking the road less travelled.  Life is precious. I am passionate about people & travel. I am learning to write better stories. Through writing better stories, I hope to live better stories.  The best stories come  out of  a backpack. Travel the world, buy that ticket. 

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What can you get from this blog?

I hope to write engaging stories, personal memories, travel tips and share my ideas that might inspire you. Challenge you. Question the ‘normal’, the expected.

Who should read this blog?

Spending extended periods of time backpacking around the world I have learned some great tips and some hard lessons! If you have never backpacked before or if your a seasoned expert – I hope to provide some insight, some experiences, tips and travel stories to prepare you for your trip or help you remember the good times!

I am learning about writing, blogging and personal development.

I am writing to remember.

My life has been filled with wonderful opportunities and very special people. I have had hardships and struggle. I have had a love and laughter. I have learnt and I am forever making mistakes. But I want to remember it all.

I would love to hear from you. To share your journey and your stories.


Contact me:

Twitter: @fromabackpack

Email: storiesfromabackpack@gmail.com