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I am very please to welcome Jess from Tripelio as my first ever guest blogger…

I’d like to thank Laura for sharing this article on her website. She offers some fantastic stories about life and travel, and I was particularly intrigued by her Travel Bucket List. Check it out when you get a chance!

Shanghai is the largest city in mainland China, and 48 hours is not nearly enough time for you to cover this lively place. Once you scratch the surface, you’ll quickly find yourself planning your next trip to this enchanting port city.

However, sometimes when traveling we are limited on time. Whether it’s due to a short business trip or a long layover, if you only have 48 hours in Shanghai there are a few things you simply must do. Here are the top places and sites to visit during your short journey through Shanghai.

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Shanghai Museum

The Shanghai Museum houses one of China’s best collections of artifacts, boasting over 120,000 pieces, including Chinese calligraphy, coins, jade works, and more. It has eleven galleries and three special temporary exhibition halls. What’s better, you can visit the museum for free! Just be sure to pace yourself so you don’t end up spending your whole 48 hours there.

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Jade Buddha Temple

There are quite a few temples in Shanghai, and these are popular sights for visitors to see. The Jade Buddha Temple is one of the most incredible temples in Shanghai. There you will discover two large white jade Buddha statues that were brought from Burma in the late 19th century. This temple is not only beautiful, but are a representation of the ancient history and culture that can be found on every corner of Shanghai.

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The Bund

Following the Opium Wars, Shanghai was split into foreign-ruled sections, creating a city like no other. If you wander the neighborhood known as The Bund, you will find classic British architecture; the old French concession, on the other hand is very 1920s Parisian. In fact, Shanghai has one of the best collections of Art Deco buildings in the world. Wander around the different neighborhoods to see the differences in architecture, history and culture.

Try using navigation apps such as Explore Shanghai and Google Maps to help you easily explore all the unique architecture Shanghai has to offer. However, do remember that China censors websites and apps. It is a smart idea to download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your smartphone or personal laptop when traveling in Shanghai. A VPN will allow you to access any site, regardless of any censorship issues.

Jess - Tripelio

Yu Garden Teahouses

Tea has always been an important trade item in Shanghai, and you should make sure that at some point in your time there you experience traditional Chinese tea. Head to the Yu Garden where tea shop owners will often offer you a sample of some tea in the hopes that you’ll purchase some. It can be a great way to try some different teas and learn more about the intricate tea culture of China.

Though 48 hours in Shanghai is not nearly enough time, with a little bit of planning, there is still plenty you can do. Shanghai’s mixture of the ancient and new make it a city truly like no other. Whether you decide to explore the ancient temples or modern day architecture, you will surely want to come back for more.   

About the Author: Jess Signet is an avid traveler and enjoys writing about her adventures. Knowing there’s more to the world than the bubble she lives in makes her want to travel even further. Traveling is her drug, and she’s addicted. (Please, no intervention!)


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