30 Things in my 30th Year!

As you know I turned 30 last week! Had I told you about this??

I decided I would write a 30/30 list because it’s a pretty big milestone and after everything that’s happened this year, I want to make it count. The years seem to be speeding up and the adventures slowing down, so I need to keep that in check. Have you ever had a year like this?

There is so much research about writing down your goals and the difference it makes. I started writing this post in April this year, it feels like a lifetime ago and honestly things have already changed so much. For example, I wrote down number 11 and the week after I won 2 tickets to YNOT festival in Derbyshire! I’ll let you know how I feel about festivals some other time…

This isn’t a bucket list, I’ve got one of those too, this is a list of dreams I want to focus on this year. My bucket list will never end and I plan on adding to that list – as soon as we stop dreaming, we stop living.  So here’s the plan…

  1. Write a book
  2. Start a business
  3. Go to a Christmas market in Europe
  4. Go on an epic 30th birthday trip
  5. Celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary in style
  6. Conquer my fear of driving
  7. See some long long lost friends (I’m talking about you Vicki)
  8. Buy a house – obviously, this one was already in the works, so it’s kind of cheating, but y’know…
  9. Write every day
  10. Let me people know/ Show people how much they mean to me
  11. Finally got to my first ever festival
  12. Convert our van into a camper and travel around France or Spain
  13. Reduce my working hours, whilst maintaining my income
  14. Stop dyeing my hair (if you know me, you’ll know how hard this is!!!!)
  15. Relaunch my website
  16. Celebrate NYE somewhere special
  17. Finish my wedding scrapbook
  18. Get a puppy and call her Paddington
  19. Have less stuff
  20. Get my 1* award for paddle boarding
  21. Go back to uni (September 2019, I’m looking at you)
  22. Go freelance
  23. Start some form of fitness & make it a habit
  24. Do something just for myself, every single week
  25. Go on our first ever overnight river Trip
  26. Watch the sunrise in at least 3 different countries this year
  27. Say no more
  28. Say yes more
  29. Publish my book
  30. …. You know, I’m not sure about this one yet. I’m leaving it blank, for now, I believe doors will open if you make room.  Let’s see what happens here….

If you know me you’ll know some of these will be really hard. People need people. Keep me accountable and ask how it’s going. I promise I’ll do the same for you. Share your lists, let’s have some amazing stories to tell next year. Write down your goals and your dreams. Make your life move in the direction you imagine. Start today.

P.S. I’m saying my 30th year started around May 2018 and I’m planning for it to end around Oct 2019.  This is a big list a girl needs a fair chance!


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